Richard Nolan and Third Rail

Subject: THIRD RAIL 30th Anniversary Comeback Premier

Boston's legendary THIRD RAIL (founded 1975) will perform Saturday, March 5
at 8:45 PM in the Kirkland Cafe, 427 Washington Street, Somerville. This
will be the group's first reunion performance since 1992. Jon Macey & The
Score will follow as the headliner at 10 PM.

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Disorganized Discography:

Richard Nolan and Third Rail
A New Life b/w Didn't Mind
45 - stereo
An independent record release by Richard Nolan and Third Rail: Box 202 Auburndale, MA 02166

A New Life: Richard Nolan and Third Rail
A New Life: Richard Nolan and Third Rail

rondy rush - third rail Third Rail - Rondy Rush/Sweet Jane- 45- stereo-Rat Records RR 5283 - 1976 45 RPM 7" release by seminal Boston New Wave/Punk band, Third Rail.
Band was led by Richard Nolan, and included Fred Pineau (later in The Atlantics). Sound of band was heavily Lou Reed influenced (as evidenced by the B-side cover of "Sweet Jane". Release on Rat Records (a by-product of the legendary Boston Punk club, The Rat, AKA The Rathskellar) and co-produced by owner Jimmy Herald.



Third Rail - It's a Surprise / Take That- 45- Stereo-Longview LV 8006 - 1980 release
45 RPM 7" with picture sleeve by Boston New Wave era band Third Rail headed by vocalist Richard Nolan. The sound of the band, with chippy, pulsating rhythms and hiccuped vocals, is roughly comparable to the Cars (sleeve notes in fact give thanks to Rick Ocasek of the Cars) .



it's a surprise - take that - third rail

Various artists
Live at the Rat (2 LPs, Rat Records, 1976)

Third Rail:
-Billy Clarke, Lenny Dupont, Rick Martin, Richard Nolan, John Roy.
-"Bad Ass Bruce" and "Rondey Rush"

-A New Life 7" (1981)
Richard Nolan - Vocals
Michael Powers - Guitar
Billy Rosenthal - Keyboards
David Birmingham - Drums

richard nolan
the naked cage house band

shoestring records SR247
1988 also known as Third Rail
track dog 2:53
rolling in clover 3:35
both written by richard nolan - ascap

Third Rail: Take That

rondy rush - back cover

third rail rondy rush - sweet jane disc

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third rail by oedipus
Richard Nolan and Third Rail - around 1981
Richard Nolan and Third Rail - around 1981
Richard Nolan and Third Rail - around 1982
Richard Nolan and Third Rail - around 1982

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